Strength in Numbers

“Strength in Numbers” has become part of the Golden State Warriors identity both on and off the court. It goes without saying that this season will go down in NBA history, but it would not have been made possible without the support of the loyal fan base.

This coalition of neighbors, business owners, and community leaders has shown an outpour of support for the team and their plan to build a new arena in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood and the community that supports it.

Check out the Community section to learn more about the project and the community that backs it.

Bringing the Warriors to our beautiful city will continue to be a collaborative effort, and the team is committed to including San Franciscans throughout this process.

As we prepare for Friday’s victory parade in Oakland, it truly feels that we have set the foundation for years to come here in the Bay Area. Our success this season is only the beginning.

Thank you for an incredible season, for being a part of Warriors Ground SF, and for proving that our organization truly has Strength in Numbers.