Spark Social Opens in Mission Bay


Image courtesy of SFGate

Warriors Ground SF is thrilled to welcome Spark Social SF to Mission Bay! Spark Social, a food truck court and urban gathering space, is  located only a few blocks from the Chase Center arena site. Spark features eight rotating food trucks, a permanent bar and coffee shop, and is able to host a wide array of  community events.

We caught up with Spark Social owner, Carlos Muela, on why he ultimately chose to set up shop in Mission Bay.

“I spent some time checking out the neighborhood and doing a lot of research about all the exciting things happening. It didn't take long for me to pull the trigger and decide to move forward with this location” says Muela. “The fact that Mission Bay is one the very few neighborhoods that has both a huge amount of day time office workers and a large amount of residents (plus the fact the Warriors are eventually coming in), made this location a no brainer for us. The response so far has been amazing! The neighborhood is loving us and is continually thanking us for opening up here. We hope to add a spark to this new and exciting neighborhood.”

For more information, check out SPARK Social’s  website