Project Details

 15 Facts about the Warriors' Sports and Entertainment Center in Mission Bay

  1. The Warriors are privately financing the Sports and Entertainment Center in Mission Bay - with no money from the City's general fund and no new taxes.

  2. The Warriors will use union labor wherever possible and will bring over 2,000 permanent union jobs to San Francisco. 

  3. The venue will bring in over $14 million in new annual tax revenue that will go towards vital city services and civic improvements. 

  4. The Warriors Sports and Entertainment Center will not only showcase NBA games, but also concerts, cultural events, family shows, and convention activities. 

  5. Of the 25 most populated cities in the United States, San Francisco is the only one without a full-size arena that seats at least 12,000 people. With 18,064 seats, this project will fill this need and enable our city to host events such as the Democratic National Convention or the NBA All Star Game!

  6. The project covers a total of 11 acres. The two office buildings stand at 160 feet, and the arena at 135 feet - well under San Francisco's height requirements. 

  7. The project will have approximately 125,000 leasable square feet of restaurant and retail space for fans and neighbors to enjoy year round. 

  8. The public will have access to 3.2 acres of open space onsite, 365 days a year. Additionally, the project will trigger the creation of a brand-new, 5.5 acre public waterfront park along Terry A. Francois Blvd. right next to the arena. 

  9. The Sports and Entertainment Center has a public observation deck that will allows visitors access to breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. 

  10. The Warriors' move to Mission Bay will generate more than $40 million in up-front funds to pay for transit improvements for the neighborhood,  including expanded Muni service. 

  11. The Warriors' Sports and Entertainment Center will be one of the country's most bike-friendly arenas with over 300 permanent bike valet parking spaces. 

  12. The three levels of parking located below the Sports and Entertainment Center will contain 950 on-site parking stalls. 

  13. There are 9,000 additional parking spaces within 3/4 mile of the arena. 

  14. The venue will host approximately 220 events per year, and the majority of events will have less than 9,000 attendees. 

  15. The Golden State Warriors plan to open the new Sports and Entertainment Center in time for the start of 2019 NBA season!



Aerial View


View from Bayfront Park, along Terry Francois Boulevard


Plaza at Night


Theatre Entrance along Terry Francois Boulevard


South Retail